• Person: Are you mad?
  • Me: I'm always mad


I’m trying to build something, but it keeps getting knocked down. I hate looking at rubble so I rebuild. Destroy, I rebuild. I’m trying to build a life. A healthy, prosperous life. @

I was told that trying is with the intention to fail. Take try out of your vocab.

I’m building a life.
I’m building a prosperous, healthy life.

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A war’s goin’ on outside, I ‘bout cried. When that boy that the cops shot diedmy mouth wide open from shockSick and tired of hopinit’ll stop

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Verona, Italy (by aridleyphotography.com)

My Hometown, juliet’s balcony


Asamoah Gyan


Diego Maradona


BREAKING: Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Malala, now 17, was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman two years ago in her home country of Pakistan after coming to prominence for her campaigning for education for girls.

She won for what the Nobel committee called her “heroic struggle” for girls’ right to an education.

She is the youngest ever winner of the prize. (x)

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I don’t fuck with sleep paralysis.

Overheard on campus


This is one of my least favorite things about the internet. 

And my feelings haven’t really changed.